The Renter


A character I will never forget: Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters



She stood outside her door, looking down the hallway as I was walking up. She stood with poise in her floor length red robe. It was early in the morning and although she was still in her robe, her red lipstick was applied and her hair was perfectly combed.

 “Can I help you?” I asked her as I approached her door.
“You certainly can” she stated firmly with one hand on her hip. She pointed across the hall with her other hand at two barrels sitting there.

 “I do not pay rent here to look at garbage barrels right outside of my room! Get those out of here or believe you me, you won’t see any of this month’s rent! Those barrels need to be down there around the corner, not outside of my room!”
“Yes ma’am,” I replied.  “I’m sorry. You are right. I will move those barrels.”

 I felt a bit ashamed. The barrels always seemed to be in the wrong spot even though there were rules about where they were supposed to be. I always seemed to be moving them. I hurried over to the barrels and began to push them back down the hall.

 The request was reasonable. I wouldn’t want barrels outside of my door either.
“Hmmph. You’d better move them if you want to see any of my money,” she muttered, watching me.
I moved the barrels down the hall and around the corner.

She stood in her doorway, watching me closely until she was sure the job was done.

She had been a stickler for details as long as I had known her.

Satisfied when she could no longer see the barrels, she disappeared through her door to get ready for her day.
I then continued my day by punching in a code and exciting the locked dementia unit.
Sometimes you’re a nurse, sometimes you’re a landlord.



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