Tomorrow When I Wake


Tomorrow when I woke up

(I know, it doesn’t make sense)

I stumbled to the coffeemaker

With my cellphone pressed to my ear

Checking my voice-mail.

And I heard a message I may never hear again

Especially in the world of healthcare:

“I’m sorry

We are overstaffed this week

Please don’t come to work

And enjoy the time off”

I sat down and stared at the coffee pot

It started to make noise

And I, stunned

Stumbled back to my bedroom.

I set my phone on my dresser

And noticed a stack.

Not of socks,

Which is the norm

But of dollars,

Which is not.

Becoming more alert

I picked them up  and counted.


I counted twice

And was sure.

Still groggy I couldn’t remember

If I had went to the bank yesterday

Or not.

I sat down on my bed and processed all of the above

Decided not to question

Seized the day

Forgot the coffee

Took a shower

Grabbed my car keys

And went on my way.

I stopped at the nursing home

And dropped off a thousand

Told them to please

Buy some new equipment

For the residents

And told them exactly what I wanted them to buy

Just because I could.

I drove to my neighbors’ house

Who are elderly and fighting cancer

Gave them a couple thousand

For the gas to drive to


And to cover the co-pays

For the nausea


I then buzzed over

To my grandparents

And dropped them a couple thousand

For food, gas and electric

(Social Security just isn’t enough some months)

Feeling a bit bipolar

I resisted the urge

For sensibility

And decided to continue.

I stopped at the food pantry

And dropped off another thousand

And specified that it NOT

Be used

For Thanksgiving and Christmas

(People still need to eat in July)

(I mean really)

And emphatically declined

To have my name on the window turkey decal.

Having four thousand left

I decided

To do what I always wanted to do

I rented a


Storefront space

Went to lots of thrift stores

And bought


Second handed but good

Medical equipment









(Yes I did find a hospital bed or two)

And started planning a

Medical supply exchange store

For those with great needs

And little resources.

I still had much more work to do

When I drove home at the end of the day.

The sun was beginning to set

And I was


From giving so much money away.

(And I never did drink my coffee)


Lest you think I’m a martyr

As I turned the light out I thought

If today wasn’t tomorrow

And tomorrow when I woke up

All this had happened

Or not

Maybe today was free

And it all worked out.

If today was real

(And maybe it was)

And tomorrow lasted

(If it wasn’t today)

All week

Would I have done the same?

Further pondering as I drifted off to sleep

I thought:

If all of my todays were tomorrows

How would I live


Seize the day, seize whatever you can, ’cause life slips away just like hour glass sand” ~Carolyn Arends


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