Cheap Thread



Cheap Thread Acts like Cheap Thread

I heard this sentence yesterday when a person I know said it.

She was referring most definitely to thread and to nothing else.

She was using cheap thread and the thread was breaking and snapping. It really wasn’t very useful for her purpose. “A real seamstress wouldn’t use this thread” she lamented.

I thought that her observation was fascinating and I began to think of other areas of life where her cheap thread analogy could apply.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

I love cheap. I love thrift stores. I love good deals. Cheap is good. If such a thing as cheap didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist. If everything I bought was at the original price, I would be standing on the street corner with a metal cup.

So all of you DIY’ers out there can simmer down, because I am not here to put my nose up in the air and say that everything that is cheap doesn’t have value.

But we all have that memory in our heads of when we bought something cheap and it didn’t last. That $2 shirt that exploded in your washer. Those $0.50 pens you bought that lasted two sentences into your first great novel outline. How about that on sale day old bread that really did have something growing in it when you got it home? Or don’t forget the cheap paint that didn’t seem to get brighter no matter how many coats you put on your wall.

What I am trying to say in a nice way is: Not everything that is cheap is useful. Sometimes, if it was cheap, it acts cheap. It came easy. It wasn’t hard to get. But then it doesn’t last. It begins to wear down. It starts to snap and break under pressure. It doesn’t hold up. It turns out to not be what we thought it was. Then we get mad and frustrated because it’s just not surviving and it turns out the problem was that it came into our hands cheap. Why did we expect it to act any different?

I see many people on a daily basis. Many of these people seem to treat a lot of thing in their life as if they are cheap. They treat their bodies and their health cheap. They treat their families cheap. They don’t visit them. They get in fights with them. They don’t talk to them for years. As if they had obtained all of these things at the local dollar store at half off. I am not pointing fingers; I am guilty of this as well.

But it makes me wonder:

How many times do I treat my life as if it were cheap thread purchased at the dollar store?


Life isn’t cheap thread. It’s like the most expensive silk thread that the best seamstress in the world would use. It’s valuable. It’s worth something. 

And it one minute it can all be over.

Trust me, I know.

There is nothing like listening to a heartbeat with a stethoscope and hearing the lub-dub of a human heart. It’s amazing. The heartbeat of a human life.

Then listening again and hearing absolute silence. A heart that has stopped beating.


I will not live on earth forever.

But I will live somewhere forever.  

My life and your life is worth more than cheap thread.

In fact, Someone paid a very large price so that I could have life that lasts forever. And not only me, but anyone who believes in Him.

Jesus said: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

I will not die forever, I will live forever.

My eternal life was not purchased cheap. It was at the cost of another Life.

“He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on Him.” John 3:36

If cheap thread acts like cheap thread, I hope that my expensive life acts like an expensive life.

Don’t treat your life like it is cheap. Trust in Christ who paid for your life today.

 And if you have trusted Him, don’t forget how valuable your eternal life is.

It’s not cheap thread.




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