Nothing Left to Lose

A post that I enjoyed- especially this part- “In the words of my co-worker tonight, “You have to take care of you, or you can’t take care of others. You have to vent.” And in a job that asks you to give all of yourself to others, even when you have nothing left to give, his words could not be truer.”

Dear Someone,

What can make me whole again… 

Nothing but the blood of Jesus…


I look forward to having a job that does not require an emotional debriefing with co-workers after days like today. 

It is sometimes not possible to stuff away your emotions if they are too powerful, or you will find them spilling out in all kinds of other directions.

I tried to stuff them today. I tried to continue working, as if nothing I had just seen had actually happened… As if the images, sounds, and smells of the last hour were not forever burned into my senses. And it went well, at first. Jokes and laughter became a mask. I was distracted, and the day was ok again. For a while. But they pushed through the distraction, and the neglect. They came back, and they came back hard.

In the words of my co-worker tonight, “You have to take…

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