A Phase brings to mind

Other words


In and out

Up and down

Beginning and End.

A phase is a moment,

A beautiful start

Of something amazing

New and exciting

That has potential and possibilities

That is life changing


The phase

Dwindles out

And fades away

Into the past,


Distant memory-


Suddenly becomes

No longer a phase,

But a way

Of life!




Dream when the sun is shining

So brightly that your eyes hurt

Dream of a day when

All you will see

Is the Son shining

So brightly that your heart hurts,

Dream when the sky

Is dark and angry

Of a day (or maybe a night)

When the clouds roll back.

Dream when your tears

Are streaming

And you sob so hard

That your chest is shaking

Of a time when your tears

Will be wiped away

By the One who

Gave you the hope,

Not the pieinthesky kind,

Of hope,

But the sure hope

To be able to dream

Of the day when

Dreams become


And you finally see

Your Savior’s face.